Oil and pipeline security

Docklands provides pipeline protection and security for pipelines transporting gas, oil, or other essential liquid products, as well as other energy industry infrastructure installations. For its preservation and sustenance, we ensure an effective security system.

Different types of security systems have been put in place to ensure the utmost security to the pipeline and company installations, namely IT realm security and physical realm security. More emphasis is placed on physical security to counter eminent threats such as pipeline vandalism, terrorist attacks, and common thefts and pilferages. These include, but are not limited to, installation and right-of-way (ROW) patrols, physical guarding, aerial patrols, mobile patrols, intelligence gathering, and security surveillance.

We review and update our plan on a regular basis to ensure that it addresses changes in pipeline security. We are ensuring that our guidelines reflect the most recent known standards and best practices for physical security, cybersecurity, and addressing the pipeline’s dynamic security threat environment.

We need the flexibility and ability to build on our baseline practices in order to address future threats.

Our company security specialists can easily monitor any system and respond to threats in a company-wide coordinated manner.

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