Our services

We are specialized in corporate security, maritime security, risk management and commercial security solutions in Eastern Africa, with specific focus on Kenya and South Sudan.

Risk Management

Docklands provides Risk Management services to our clients in order to provide a safe and secure environment for their people, property, and profits. We accomplish this by employing cutting-edge security management techniques to provide an Integrated Security Solution with cost-effective options.

Threat assessment

Docklands will identify asset criticality, vulnerabilities, and mitigating countermeasures required to effectively protect those assets.

Emergency planning

In Docklands, we also assist our clients in preparing for future crises. We assess risks, analyze changing weather patterns, and put evacuation plans in place as a team. Preparedness is essential because it reduces risks and reduces the magnitude of a disaster’s impact.

Close protection services

We provide a top tier service and deploy bodyguards who blend in with you and your way of life. Whether in a boardroom, a family setting, or on the red carpet, our close protection officers have extensive experience working with a diverse range of individuals and families from a variety of countries and cultures.


Docklands has vast experience with both security and medical evacuations in the most difficult of circumstances. We have assisted with numerous short-notice tasks, including evacuations and repatriations.

Maritime security

Docklands is a  market leading provider of maritime security services and anti-piracy operations, with extensive vessel protection experience; over 3 million man hours at sea, protecting over 5000 vessels for some of the worlds’ largest shipping companies, oil majors, cruise liners and clients.

Vessel and port security

The ability to document and measure evidence of security threats, vulnerabilities, loss control, and the success of security measures implemented is critical for port security planning.

Oil and pipeline security

We protect pipelines that transport gas, oil, or other essential liquid products, as well as other energy industry infrastructure installations. For its preservation and sustenance, we ensure an effective security system.

IT Services and Security

Maintaining the security of your internet activity. Through our system management services, you can safely access your data from anywhere at any time!

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